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Sixth Form

Beyond Oswestry

Headmaster's Comment

At Oswestry School we believe that the Sixth Form is much more than an extension of the school experience. We are committed to providing an academic education which gives the best possible transition to higher education and the world of work, being based on a firm foundation that provides the opportunities to grow and develop within a structured, yet independent, environment.

We are rightly proud of the excellent results that we achieve and the impressive transfer of pupils to a range of courses at top universities. At a time when the higher education and job markets are increasingly competitive, it is so important to concentrate on both the academic excellence and wider non-curricular opportunities at Sixth Form level.

We offer a supportive, caring environment, with close monitoring of academic progress whilst, at the same time, providing the flexibility and freedom to develop the independent learning and study habits which students will be expected to use at university. With a host of opportunities for academic, personal, physical and social development, Oswestry School Sixth Form provides an ideal learning environment and a tried and tested preparation for the world outside. The knowledge revolution of the 21st century provides limitless opportunity for learning, but only if it is firmly established in good study skills and appropriate personal and spiritual development.

All Sixth Form students are encouraged to aim high, both in terms of achieving their potential academically and in terms of other personal goals. Purposeful study and a joy of learning, within a friendly and supportive environment, are the hallmarks of Oswestry School's success, based on 600 years of experience.

Julian Noad, Headmaster
Oswestry School Headmaster, Julian Noad


In the Sixth Form, careers education and guidance continues to combine its personal and individual focus with group and whole year presentations. The higher education resources room is well equipped with recommended guides, university prospectuses and handbooks to build up a firm foundation for career and course choice. The UCAS database is available, as is all other software, on the school network. The resource room is open all day, Monday to Friday.

Encouraged to make decisions

Students are encouraged to make early decisions with regard to university course and career choice. This enables them to take advantage of early completion of their UCAS forms and to arrange suitable work experience during their holidays. In addition, students are encouraged to attend carefully selected open days and appropriate taster days. Outside speakers are invited from the universities into the school to give formal and informal presentations and advice. Information about gap years, interviews and financial management is also available .

Sixth Form tutors

Sixth-Form tutors get to know their tutees exceptionally well and deliver a higher education programme which includes presentations and advice on topics such as how to compose and complete personal statements, the UCAS application system, clearing, time-management and how to stay out of debt. There is continuing support for students post-A level results. Help and advice is given to support any student caught up in the clearing process.