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Non scholae, sed vitae : We learn not for School, but for life.

Oswestry School places a very high emphasis on good manners and personal integrity, valuing the dignity of each individual and promoting the development of character and learning through a commitment to high standards within a caring community.

Pupils have different talents

We recognise that all pupils have different talents and strive to ensure that every pupil finds and develops the strengths they possess. We believe that the development of character, creativity, intellect and spirituality are the primary aims of education.

We are a tight-knit community, working together to create a happy and caring school environment which is engaged in our local community and the wider world. We pursue high standards in every area of school life.

Culture of total education

This culture of total education and focus upon the development of the “whole person,” playing to the strengths, separately, of each pupil, has been a part of the tradition of the school for many centuries. Pupils leave the school as rounded individuals, with interests in many areas of human endeavour and well equipped for the outside world.

Student Council

Each form elects a representative to attend the School Council, the aim of which is to represent the views of all pupils and to improve the School. The Council meets regularly to discuss issues including school lunches, behaviour or fundraising events.

The meetings are arranged so that no lessons are missed. Members of the Council are responsible for carrying out the actions that have been agreed, such as planning discos, writing newspaper articles, or meeting with charity groups. All pupils are encouraged to participate, and can raise any suggestion with their Council representative.

Develop their leadership

As a non-selective school, the system aims to provide all students with high quality one-to-one academic guidance and support from their tutors when they need it, such as after each school report and at options time.

Establishing goals

As well as a forum for discussion the Tutees will be set written tasks such as establishing goals for themselves and reflecting on their achievements. Mentors will also set topics for discussion in the session linked to either current affairs or dictated by current issues in the school. In the case of sensitive or confidential tutorials pupils will be asked to make a separate appointment. The tutorial is recorded and this document is then used for future tutorials to develop a self-reflective document which is built up over the time that the pupils are with us in the school