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Oswestry School’s academic curriculum is part of the School's "total curriculum."

This is the term used at Oswestry for the complete educational experience of being a pupil at a school where so much takes place in addition to formal, academic lessons.

Academic Curriculum

The academic curriculum, therefore, joins with a wide extra-curricular programme as an element in the education of the young people within this school community. For this reason, the school attaches great significance to the role of the form tutor, head of section and/or the houseparent in guiding the progress of the pupil academically and personally, and in the spheres of sport, music, drama and other extra curricular areas. In this way, the school seeks as broad a learning curriculum as is achievable for each individual pupil.

Partly because of its objective to give a broad approach to education, Oswestry offers a wide range of academic subjects from which to choose, especially in the sixth form. Pupils are given an unusual degree of freedom in their choice of subjects at all levels. Considerable guidance is available to pupils (and their parents) in their selection of subject choices.

The Ethos of the School

It follows from the ethos of the school that Oswestry School does not select pupils purely upon academic ability. The criterion for the admission of pupils is usually a judgement as to whether they will be the sort of pupils who will benefit from the breadth of opportunities which are available at this school. Since these opportunities do include, centrally, the academic curriculum, the school does expect a basic level of ability or achievement on entry to the school, and also to gain entry to the sixth form.

The school keeps class sizes as small as is possible, and teacher/pupil ratios are high. The classroom culture matches the general culture of the school, which is relaxed, open but well-disciplined nonetheless. The academic support given to the pupils within the formal timetabled lessons, and outside them, is extensive.