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Senior School

About the Senior School

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At Oswestry we use our own nomenclature for the year groups which is different from that used in most maintained schools.

This starts with Form 1 (age 11) and continues on up to Form 5 (age 16) before pupils then progress to Sixth Form.

Nine GCSEs

Each year group is overseen by a head of year, who is responsible, with the form tutors, for overseeing the pastoral and academic well being of the pupils.

On entering the 4th Form pupils make the subject choices for their two-year GCSE course. Most pupils choose nine subjects of which Mathematics, English and one foreign language are compulsory, unless there are special circumstances. This ensures a broad base of study, enabling quality learning of a range of skills and knowledge.

That being said, teaching staff are acutely aware of the importance of maintaining a flexible balance between prescribed workloads and the pupils’ capability to manage them. Consistently excellent GCSE results suggest that maintaining a flexible approach to pupils’ individual needs and ability can ultimately produce results of which everyone can be proud.

Career Advice Service

A comprehensive careers advice service complements the GCSE course, in order that pupils and parents may make informed decisions about Sixth Form and higher education courses, as well as employment opportunities.

An extensive Personal, Social and Health Education programme is overseen by the heads of years and introduces pupils to a number of key issues they will face in modern life.

Senior School Handbook

Good study habits are cultivated

In addition to consultation on subject choices, pupils are encouraged to pursue their choice of physical education and games. They are also exposed to a wide range of extra-curricular activities, be they theatre and art excursions close to home or cultural trips further afield. Recent examples include visits to Northern Ireland, to Berlin and Krakow, and to the Italian Alps for some skiing.

Below GCSE, in forms 1-3 the academic programme is equally well tailored to the aptitude of our pupils. In these critical years pupils are grouped by ability in some subjects, enabling them to progress at the most appropriate pace. Daily prep is set and closely monitored by form tutors and subject teachers.

Intellectual curiosity and good study habits are cultivated. Pupils also learn about themselves and their relations with others, and about the areas in which they can make a contribution in later life.

Responsibility for themselves

Class sizes are small and the teacher:pupil ratio is generous, permitting every individual to find the opportunity to excel. A broad curriculum of compulsory subjects is followed, including English, Mathematics and French, supplemented by science subjects, history, geography, art, Latin, music and Spanish. Technical subjects (including information and communication technology and design technology), religious education and physical education are also available, plus a personal, social and health education programme.

Above all, pupils at Oswestry School discover how to take responsibility for themselves and others in the knowledge that they have been set the right standards and goals.

GCSE Examination Results

At GCSE an impressive 82% of papers sat were graded A*-C or 9-4.  And yet more pleasing is the number of high achieving students, with a third of all GCSE entries graded A* and A. 

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