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Staff & Governors List

Academic Staff

Academic Support Staff

  • Mrs M Barr, Forest School, Bellan House
  • Mr C Blaber, Design Technician
  • Mrs A L Bound, Teaching Assistant, Bellan House
  • Miss E Cox, Wraparound
  • Mrs S A Davies, Teaching Assistant, Bellan House
  • Mrs E Evans, Learning Support Assistant
  • Mrs K Mills, Food and Nutrition Technician
  • Mr J Edwards, Bellan General Assistant
  • Mrs J Owen, Teaching Assistant, Bellan House
  • Mrs C Pearson, Wraparound
  • Dr M Phillips, Science Technician
  • Mrs M Richards, Teaching Assistant, Bellan House
  • Mr L Williams, Learning Support Assistant
  • Mrs B Younger, Learning Support Assistant, Bellan House
  • Mrs S Boag, Learning Support Assistant, Bellan House
  • Mrs S McInnes, Learning Support Assistange, Bellan House


  • Mr D Jones, Estates Manager
  • Mr P L Smith, IT Manager
  • Mr N Campbell, Gardener
  • Mr D Watkin, IT Technician
  • Mr F Rowson, Maintenance
  • Mr A Jones, Maintenance
  • Mr M Griffiths, Maintenance
  • Mr P Birkes, Maintenance
  • Mr A Bright, Estates Operative
  • Mr K McLean-Inglis, Bus Driver
  • Mr B Morris, Porter
  • Mr D Baines, Bus Driver
  • Mr S Harris, Bus Driver
  • Mr C Smith, Bus Driver
  • Mr B Carsley, Bus Driver
  • Mr A Davies, Bus Driver
  • Mr R Peate, Bus Driver
  • Mr K Morris, Bus Driver


  • Mrs J Butler
  • Ms K Dibble
  • Mrs G Gerrard
  • Mrs J Griffiths
  • Mrs S Higgins
  • Ms J Kendall
  • Mrs O Milner
  • Mrs S Morris
  • Miss K Pearson
  • Mrs M Petrova
  • Mrs H Roberts
  • Ms J Rodger
  • Miss J Smith
  • Miss E Thomas
  • Miss K Watkin
  • Mr M Williams


  • The Rt Hon The Earl of Powis, Patron
  • Mr P T Wilcox-Jones, Chairman
  • Mr T Moore-Bridger, Vice-Chairman
  • Mr E Bowen
  • Mr J Edwards
  • Mr P Evison
  • Miss B Y Gull
  • Mr J Hancock
  • Mr H Jones
  • Mrs A Lee
  • Mr A Moss
  • Mr C Schofield
  • Mrs R Warner
  • Professor J Wastling
  • Mr B Welti


To contact the Chairman of the Governors, please write to or email Mr P Bowd, Bursar, Clerk to the Governors and Company Secretary.