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School Shop

The School Shop is open during term-time from 8:30am to 2pm.   

The Shop will be open over the Christmas holidays from 11.30am to 4.30pm on:

Monday 7 January


For boarders, by appointment only


For boarders, no appointment required



It is advisable for parents to try and avoid visits at the very busy break time (10.30 to 11.00).

If you or your children are unable to visit the shop during opening hours, then you may purchase items of uniform via phone 01691 681146 or email and we will charge them to your child’s school bill. Mrs Lumley-Edwards will deliver purchased items for Bellan House children to the Secretary's office the following day.

The school now operates a Facebook Group - Oswestry School Shop & Swap Shop - for parents and guardians to buy and sell their second hand uniform directly with each other. We do still run the traditional Swap Shop from the School Shop alongside this service. For more information about items that are available please phone or email the School Shop.