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Friends of Oswestry School

The Friends of Oswestry School was set up with two aims:

To hold social events for the enjoyment of all, fostering relationships between staff, parents and children; and to raise funds to support the education of the School's pupils.

Continued fund raising for the children relies on an active group of parents and the more volunteers willing to help, the more we can do. It is also a really good way to meet other parents and enjoy being a part of your child’s school.

Friends of Oswestry School Committee members

All parents at Oswestry School are part of the Friends of Oswestry School, if you would like to become involved with any of our activities, please contact any of the following members:

Chair: Dave Armstrong

Vice-Chair: Warrick Fynn

Secretary: Phil Bowd

Treasurer: Lucy Taylor

Old Oswestrian Representative: James Champion

Overseas Members Representatives: Kara Kynaston-Evans and Gilly Scott

Or contact Friends directly, by email: or telephone: 01691 681135.

500 Club

The 500 Club helps to raise funds for Oswestry School, in order to provide those special ‘extras’ for our children that the school would otherwise be unable to fund. In the past we have provided support for various events and equipment, including student social events and made a major contribution towards the School’s Fitness Suite.

The rules of the Scheme allow for half of all proceeds to come back to our subscribers in the form of cash prizes. There are 3 draws per year with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.

How much is membership?

Subscriptions to the 500 Club are £10 per year and may be paid by standing order, by cheque or cash at the beginning of the year. If you wish, you may take out more than one subscription. Obviously the more membership subscriptions you have the more chance you have of winning.

How do I join?

To join, please complete the attached form and send it back via school. We will register you as a member and send your standing order to your bank.

Download the 500 Club Form Here