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Incredible Season for 1st VII Netball Team

Another season is over and what a successful one it’s been for the 1st VII Netball Team. Six victories and one draw from eight fixtures demonstrates the talent and capability of this squad. The squad have been competitive, strong and determined, playing with great spirit and a positive attitude in every game. There have been many highlights in this season which have included many notable and convincing victories. The finale to the season was the team achieving runners - up of North Shropshire. All have worked hard for each other and proved that unity is strength - when there is team work, wonderful things can be achieved.

This talented and hard working team have included Jess, Isobel, Amelia, Antonia, Rosie, Abi, Sian, Tara and Fiona. They are commended for their commitment to training and fixtures throughout the season. In addition Freya, Irina, Tia and Claudie have played for the team when required. Jess, as Captain of the team, has demonstrated excellent leadership and led by example in every way.