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Tennis v Ellesmere

On Saturday 6th June, Rebecca Hollywell, Holly Tomley, Molly Noad and Ffion Bell, took to the courts at Ellesmere College for their first doubles match of the season. In high spirits after training hard in the month of May the girls' were hopeful and excited for the prospect of the match ahead.

Ffion and Molly took on Ellesmere pair B building the play superbly with each point being closely fought, leading games going to deuce point each time with the final result being 4-3, 4-2 to Ellesmere.

Rebecca and Holly enjoyed excellent success, securing the points by making excellent passing shots and consistency in service games giving them victory in their second game beating the Ellesmere pairing 4-3, 4-0.

Overall breakdown of matches

Rebecca Hollywell & Holly Tomley v Ellesmere Pair A - 0-4, 0-4

Rebecca Hollywell & Holly Tomley V Ellesmere Pair B - 4-3, 4-0

Molly Noad & Ffion Bell V Ellesmere Pair B - 3-4, 2-4

Molly Noad & Ffion Bell V Ellesmere Pair A - 1-4, 0-4

A very encouraging standard of tennis being played by both sets of pairs and a thoroughly enjoyable morning, with the girls representing the school impeccably as always and playing with maximum effort and determination to stay in every point. We look forward to our next game against Moreton Hall.