When I Grow Up: Bellan House Show

This year our Director of Performing Arts, Miss Claire Thompson, wrote the annual Bellan House show ‘When I Grow Up’. This was a mash-up on Mary Poppins and Matilda musicals, with the underlying theme of friendship (values that Bellan House hold dear).

P1340266 STAR

An ensemble of 70 pupils from KS2 took to the stage as sweeps, orphans and boarding pupils, all under the terror of the Headmistress Miss Trunchball, played fabulously and horrendously by Leon. With a little help from Mary Poppins (Olivia), the children overthrow their tyrant Head and install Mary as their guardian.

P1340280 STAR

The production was the first for the new drama space and, with luck, the soon-to-be theatre. With a band of musician teachers, stage hand Duke of Edinburgh volunteers and the scenery and props made by pupils the true values of our school came to fruition.

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