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Young entrepreneurs learn skills for success

OsBiz is an entrepreneurial society at Oswestry School where young people in Sixth Form, with valid business ideas, pitch to secure funding from the school to help with their start-up ideas. Once their business is up and running the young entrepreneurs are asked to donate their profits to assist with OsBiz projects for the following academic year. The grand total raised this year is £929 which will be earmarked to renovate the OsBiz Kitchen, and will be matched by the Headmaster, Mr Julian Noad. The plans for the Kitchen include new cooking, cleaning, storage and preparation facilties.

Strong customer loyalty was the key to success at ‘Ciao Pizza’. This venture, set up by Max Bowker, Harry Moores, Chloe Pace-Bonello and Peter Taylor, raised the most, contributing almost £400 to the pot. The team understood that good branding and a good product ensured a regular supply of customers. The entrepreneurs found that by specialising in the various roles from procurement, cooking and serving ensured the product was delivered on time.

Ciao Pizza team Peter Taylor Max Bowker Harry Moores and Chloe Pace Bonello

Laurie Bowen, Matthew Kirk, Tai Jones and Lewis Rees also saw a gap in the market for hot snacks and set up ‘OsBakery’ to sell cheesy garlic bread to the hungry crowds at mid-morning break. As the market declined they were proactive in seeking alternatives and found higher profit margins and sales were to be had on selling doughnuts.   

OsBakery Laurie Bowen Matt Kirk and Lewis Rees

‘OsBakery’ was not the only venture to adapt its marketing mix. The Hot Chocolate Factory, run by Henrik Andres, Abir Duggal and Timur Sakhbiev, adapted its product as the seasons changed, as too did the ‘Chippettes’, Dee and India Edwards, who started selling milkshakes, but then jumped on the hot food trend with cheesy chips and finally lollies, although the recent wet weather has not been kind to them.

The Hot Chocolate Factory Abir Duggal Henrik Andres and Timur Sakhbiev


Chippettes Dee Edwards and India Edwards

‘Wacky Waffles’ run by Proud Aouwanaporn, Ani Arzoyan, Vlad Demianchuk, Anastasiia Kretova and Asams Romphoyen did not enjoy the success of previous waffles businesses and found their delicious, freshly made offerings were no longer in demand.  Listening to customer feedback they too modified their offering. 

Wacky Waffles Proud Aouwanaporn Asama Romphoyen Ani Arzoyan and Vlad Demianchuk

Not all ventures were food related.  Steven Cheng, Andy Cheuk and Anson Cheung set up ‘OsHoodies’ selling customised two tone school branded hoodies which proved popular amongst the boarding community.

OsHoodies Anson Cheung Andy Cheuk and Steven Cheng