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The Quad is temporarily a Go Kart track!

School clubs are an essential part of a child’s education going beyond the curriculum and allowing children to build skills that they might not otherwise have an opportunity to develop. Our School motto, ‘We learn not for school, but for life’, has never been more relevant.

Go Kart Club is for pupils in Third Form who come together in a lunchtime club to build, maintain and ride go karts. The club was created by Head of Art and Design, Mr Neil Pottinger, with the help of design technician, Mr Clive Blaber. Mr Pottinger, an ex RAF engineer, wants our pupils to enhance their engineering skills and gain valuable knowledge in engines, hydraulics and braking systems.

IMG 2461

The first trial of the newly built karts took place on the School’s Quad where pupils laid out a track to race around.

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Mr Pottinger commented, “This club is one that I have wanted to introduce for a very long time and the pupils taking part have attended every lunch time to build and test these vehicles. The pupils have driven the club along with their enthusiasm and have dedicated substantial time to the project. The next step is to increase the number of karts we have and build a credible racing team. Watch this space!”

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