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Gabby stars in a short film

Gabby Owen-Langford in Year 6 has just returned from a week's filming for a new short film called Such Small Hands for Wellington Films.

Gabby joined a talent and modelling agency, Time to Shine, last year and since then she has had some auditions for commercials. Her big break came in February when Gabby was asked to self tape for a short film that was being produced called Such Small Hands. The film is based on the book of the same name by Andrés Barba.

Such Small Hands is a chilling ghost story that focuses on Marina, a seven year old girl who is wounded in an accident that killed her parents. She is taken to live in an orphanage and takes along her wide eyed doll, also called Marina, which is her constant companion.  Both child-Marina and doll-Marina become the focus of the other girls' attention in a manner that is part cruel and part adoring.

Cast as one of the girls in the orphanage, Gabby travelled to Hastings and filmed for a week on location at Holy Child College, an eerie and haunting building.

With post production underway Gabby is now awaiting news of where the film will be screened. As Film 4 have rights to show Wellington Film productions, maybe we will see her on our screens soon!

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