Bellan Christmas Fayre 2018

After the success of the Bellan Christmas Fayre last year, Bellan’s Student Council decided that this event should be repeated again; this year’s aim being to raise money to put towards the school library. The council wrote a letter to parents, produced advertising materials and asked each class to organise a stall for the Fayre.

Year 6 took this one step further as part of their Mini Enterprise programme. Not only did they run the Fayre on the day but in groups they planned and organised their own stalls with the purpose of raising the most amount of money for the Fayre. Each group appointed CEO’s, Finance Directors, Marketeers and Makers. They recorded their expenditure (including any use of school printing or similar), negotiated the hire of a table for their stall and worked as a team under pressure.

The children are thrilled with the amount raised - a staggering £1056.59! Well done all at Bellan and a huge thank you to all those who supported.