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Baroness Walmsley speaks to the Sixth Form

Baroness Walmsley visited school to talk to the Sixth Form about government in the UK, and the role of the House of Lords in particular.

After giving a brief personal history of how she became a peer, she talked about the role of the House of Lords in government and the relation between the House of Lords, the House of Commons, and the Monarch in proposing and passing laws. She also explained the process by which peers are appointed and the make-up of the House of Lords (party members, crossbenchers, and bishops).

At the end of the session the Baroness gave her time to take a number of intelligent and well-informed questions from our Sixth-Formers. Questions covered issues such as: the effect of Brexit on our international students; whether there should be a reduction in the voting age; whether the sugar tax will be effective; should the House of Lords be fully elected, and whether there should be a fairer system of appointments; the justification and morality of the Syrian air strikes; and whether party politics should be removed from education reform. Baroness Walmsley gave considered and thought-provoking responses to each of these questions, and more, resulting in an interesting and engaging afternoon for all involved.