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Business pupils represent 'Italy Hair and Beauty' at the ProHair Live Exhibition in Manchester

Written by Sian Grice and Adelina Creciun

There are not enough words to describe how great this experience was.  Friday was a learning curve as this was when we needed to set up the stand and familiarise ourtselves with the team and the types of products we were going to sell.  We enjoyed seeing behind the scenes and how everything was built to create such a magnificent event.  We stayed at a local hotel and on the first night we went to a pizzeria in the city centre.  This was a chance to bond with our co-workers and to know more about the company and its history.


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We woke up early on Saturday to a full English breakfast waiting for us on the table.  This was crucial as there was a long day ahead of us.  We were very nervous, but excited and raring to get selling.  When we were serving our first customers we were overwhelmed with satisfaction and confidence.  As the day progressed the nerves vanished and we were feeling more relaxed and courageous to talk to more and more customers.  This feeling was exhillarating and we were gaining more pleasure hour after hour.  On Saturday night, after a long and tiring day, we treated ourselves to a three course dinner in the old banking region of Manchester.  This made us feel like we were part of the team and not just temporary.  All very tired, we headed back to the hotel. 

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The second day of the exhibition we felt even  more confident, professional and skilled.  We knew our set areas on the stand and unique selling points which led to increased sales.  We were well acquainted with the rest of the team and inside jokes and humour was present throughout the day and the time passed quickly.  We also communicated better with the customers due to our increased knowledge and understanding of the products.  Once the show closed it was time to pack all the stand away.  We found it impressive how quickly the exhibition stalls were dismantled and packed away.  Despite the cold and tiredness we were still smiling and dancing to keep warm.  This experience was incredible, and we would love to have the opportunity to work with Italy Hair and Beauty again.

Business owner, Neil Ruby, commented, "  Both of the girls were fantastic.  I think everyone was struck by their confidence and maturity.  Sian has a great manner with people, she is relentlessly pleasant and polite and is excellent company.  Customer facing roles are not easy - especially when you have to deal with so many different products and so many different people.  Sian got stuck in right away and showed real aptitude.  

Adelina worked closely with a member of my team selling and taking orders for our hairbrushes,  I received a call from him asking me to pass on his thanks to her for her support over the three days.  She was an enormous help to him, working in a pressured environment, with great humour."