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STEM family challenge

On Thursday 13th October the EDT (Engineering Development Trust) ran a STEM Family Challenge event in the PHC and we welcomed 20 families from across the school to take part in the event. This was a unique event that was designed to raise awareness and show families, of all abilities, some of the courses and careers available in the arena of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). It also gave pupils an opportunity to work in teams with their families on an exciting ‘hands on’ activity with a prize at stake.


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During the introduction the challenge looked at issues with Cyber Security, why we need more people working in this area, what Cyber Security means and how we can protect ourselves on the internet. Following this the families used a specific encryption technique to crack codes and solve a Cluedo style mystery - working to identify the hacker, and the details of their next cyber crime.

Family Iskauskas claimed the glory and lifted the EDT cyber detectives trophy, with the Tidridge clan pushing them all the way.


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