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Ski Trip Sestriere 2017

Our annual ski trip this year headed to Sestriere, towards the western end of the Italian/French alpine border. At over 2000m this high altitude Olympic resort offered over 400km of pistes, known as ‘The Milky Way’. Our flight from Manchester to Milan was full of excitement and enthusiasm, as our party of 50 commandeered half of the plane! Once installed in our hotel, 14 hours after leaving school, it was pleasing to be ‘on the piste’ and have no need of further coaches all week.

Our skiing began with challenging icy conditions, which resulted in some hard falls, but a determination to succeed led to steady progress in both skill and control. Our collection of random animal onesie costumes proved a source of extra padding - and of amusement to the bewildered locals. The weekend brought a welcome fall of excellent ‘winter snow’, although the subsequent challenging visibility was a new phenomenon for many. Many forays into mountain restaurants for hot chocolate and pizza were required to survive the inclement clagg.

The final two days brought stunning, warm Italian sunshine to the deep fresh powder snow, a combination for ideal and very memorable skiing.

The highlights of the evening activities were found in the hotel bar. Break dancing from Rebecca Hollywell and Miss James was nearly as good as the fabled massed-choir rendition at karaoke night of ‘Do you hear the people the sing!’ - Mr Cattley would have been so proud.

As ever, we are indebted to the erstwhile efforts of the ever-dependable RevSki, our Ski Club Captain Roly Hancock (who designed our tour hoodies) and the courteous and enthusiastic demeanour of our student body.

All of the photos from the trip can be found in the Sestriere photo album on our Facebook page