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GCSE Design and Technology pupils create sophisticated projects

This year’s practical GCSE projects are coming along beautifully and the department is a busy and thriving place. For us this is good news even though we hear that many schools are either considerably cutting back on D&T provision, or in the worst cases simply removing the subject from the curriculum entirely!

So why is D&T booming here? Mr Pottinger has ensured it has evolved into a modern subject, fit for the 21st century – pupils no longer make the same things their parents made at school. He says, “The Royal Academy of Engineers and the Design Council consider D&T to be a vital subject for growth in their industries. The need for those with science, technology, engineering and maths qualifications is regularly in the news and high on the government’s agenda while companies such as the James Dyson Foundation are trying to influence what is taught in D&T lessons. For us, these are very exciting times”.

There will be an opportunity for parents and extended family of pupils to view the GCSE and A level pieces when they are on display at the annual Art and D&T exhibition on Speech Day.