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Willkommen in Berlin

Art, Design, History and Music GCSE pupils went on a cultural trip to Berlin over Michaelmas half term. The trip began with a short ride to John Lennon Airport and was filled with the excitement of 40 school pupils and 4 members of staff about to fly over the Channel and into the capital of Germany; Berlin.

The first trip was to the Jewish Museum. It was here that all History, Music, Art and DT students found information on their respective subjects - from the Jewish reaction to National Socialism, to surviving the war through music, to the architectural structure of the building and the art that consistently held meaning in paying respects to those who suffered during the war due to personal belief or art style. Moreover, they collected more material for their subjects after lunch by visiting the Berlinische and the Hamburger Bahnhof galleries. These featured exhibitions on Dada Afrika and Art in Berlin from 1880-1980 and then messages on Poverty, Debt, Marxism and Andy Warhol, respectively; Art students felt thoroughly inspired by the end of the day with the encouragement of Mrs Price. During the evening the Music group, headed by Mr Cattley, attended their evening performance of The Little Mermaid opera.

The following day the weather turned against the group and with a cold wind chasing them they took a train to Oranienburg to visit the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. While the site was largely of interest for History students, everyone found the site very sobering.

A train to Potsdamer Platz followed both for lunch and shopping. Mrs Munford briefly stopped to talk about both the Berlin Wall and the Topography of Terror (site of the SS and Gestapo headquarters) and this was concluded by visiting Checkpoint Charlie.

The final morning started with an early breakfast of 7.30am and after checking out and storing suitcases, everyone headed for the last visit in Berlin - the Bauhaus Museum. Here DT students were encouraged by Mr Pottinger to collect material for their portfolios and the exhibitions inspired all. The Music group took this time to visit the Musical Instrument Museum in which they were able see and hear a variety of rare instruments.

Many thanks go to Mrs Price, Mr Cattley, Mr Pottinger and of course, Mrs Munford for the organisation of the trip.