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Summer Club

For children and students, the months of July and August are spent in a dream like state of delirious freedom; released from the confines of school, the (potentially) sunny days and long evenings are a playground of possibilities. For parents these long holidays can present an altogether unseen challenge; “how can we possibly entertain the children for six weeks?! We will spend a small fortune on poster paint! What if it rains? Surely your mum can look after them again?”

This year we can help with the issues faced finding childcare across this time of year with something that will stimulate your child and continue their development in both social and academic circles.

It is the aim of Summer Club to provide an enriched environment that local children not only enjoy being in, but will relish the prospect of attending. We have set out to create a programme headed up by a team of highly qualified and experienced staff, including a number of Qualified Teachers, who will be dedicating their summer to creating such an environment at school.

The club covers a broad age group, the youngest children will have just completed their Reception year while the oldest will have finished Year 8. Groups will be divided into age appropriate brackets with the children spending their mornings participating in a wide range of activities. Many of these will have an academic focus, with the aim to boost children’s potential in the upcoming school year. Alongside these, we will be running stimulating and age appropriate sports and coaching sessions.

The summer programme will be fantastic; specific sports coaching such as football, netball and rugby; academic booster sessions in creative writing, science, maths, art and drama; alongside unique activities such as climbing, hiking, forest school, and excursions to local and nearby attractions.

The cost of the club includes lunch and afternoon snacks, as well as a daily swim in the onsite pool (with the exception of excursion days). The programme is huge value for money at just £35 per day.

To book a place or for further details please email