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CCF Biennial

Oswestry School CCF Biennial was held on Monday the 14th March at Nesscliffe Training Area and involved the 3rd Form’s first experience of being on the training area along with the 4th Form taking part in the annual inter section competition the Evanson Shield.

The 3rd Form undertook a number of stands in a build up to their forthcoming overnight stay in the area during the summer term while the 4th Form were split into 7 sections overseen by a 5th Form NCO. These stands included shooting, climbing, signals, section attacks, first aid and house clearing with paintball guns. The wide variety of stands and the demands made on our cadets was evident to the inspecting officer Col Guy Chambers of 11 Sigs Bde (officer in charge of domestic emergencies for the West Midlands area) whose portfolio ranges from Counter Terrorism to Firemen's Strikes. Having visited all the year groups and stands Col. Chambers stated he was ‘highly impressed’ by the diversity and challenge of the training. This, along with our senior cadets delivering to younger cadets, fully upheld the leadership ethos which underpins all the cadet formations from the three services. In short, the contingent was found to be in excellent health by Col. Chambers who said that his final written report will indicate this result as well as stating that our CCF is a prime example of how a cadet force should be run.

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Our former Contingent Commander, Ray Evanson, also joined the cadets for the day. Ray is a stalwart supporter of the school CCF and many cadets still recall his calm manner when he was still at the school. The Evanson Shield, named as a testament to his 39 years of service to the cadets at Oswestry School, was presented to L/Cpl Michael Doyle’s Section who won by a narrow margin of 9 points.

As always, the day was supported by a host of instructors from other CCF contingents and the ACF with people travelling from Suffolk, North London and Hereford to support our school. 22 staff delivered the day including 8 of our senior cadets.