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The Big Debate: Europe: In or Out?

Pupils welcomed the Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP to chair a debate at Bellan House about the future of the UK in Europe called Europe: In or Out. Over the course of the evening four teams of two fought to convince a packed auditorium of their case.

Before the debate began audience members were invited to share their viewpoints with those in favour of remaining in the EU narrowly outnumbering those wanting to leave. After an hour of intense debate and thought provoking discussion, including some close questioning from the floor, a second poll of the audience was taken. The UK ‘out’ campaign had argued successfully and the result had shifted to a 50/50 split on the issue.

Mr Paterson closed the event by offering valuable feedback to both teams. Lower Sixth pupil, Hayley Martin, and Third Form pupil, Meredith Bryson, teamed up to speak in favour of withdrawing from the EU and Mr Paterson awarded the girls prizes for presenting the most persuasive arguments of the evening.