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Oswestry School Aquathlon

Oswestry School will be hosting an Aquathlon on Saturday 17th October, commencing at 9.30am. The event is open to those aged 9-99 years old and can be completed as an individual or as a pair. The required distances are as listed below:


Adults + Sixth Form = Swim (24 Lengths) + Run (3 laps of Maes-y-Llan)

3rd to 5th Form (Years 9/11) - Swim (20 Lengths) + Run (2 Laps)

1st and 2nd Forms (Years 7/8) - Swim (16 Lengths) + Run (1 Lap)

Year 5/6 - Swim (12 Lengths) + Run (1 Lap)


If you would like to enter, please complete the form below:

Online Form

We very much look forward to receiving your entry, it will be great fun!