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Summer Examination Leave 2015

Herewith the various examination leave arrangements for the year groups who are sitting public examinations this summer:

ISC - No examination leave. After their last examination ISC candidates are encouraged to return home to embark on work experience. The last ISC exam in this year's timetable is IGCSE Economics on Thursday 4th June. ISC pupils are encouraged to go home after this date. They are advised to seek out work experience during the long summer break and to keep practising their English.

Form 5 - Examination leave takes place from Monday 11th May until Monday 22nd June inclusive. Pupils will be expected back in school on Tuesday 23rd June and Wednesday 24th June for a pre A-level induction course. The 5th Form Prom will take place on the evening of Thursday 25th June. On Friday the 26th June Mrs Lowry is organising a 5th Form trip to the beach, about which details will follow in due course. After this, pupils are encouraged to go off on work experience; no formal lessons will be taking place in school. Overseas pupils may decide to fly home after this date to carry out their work experience at home if they wish. Work experience is co-ordinated by Mr Squire and the school is happy to help facilitate where parents and pupils are finding it difficult to secure a summer placement.

Lower Sixth - Examination leave takes place from Monday 18th May until Tuesday 9th June inclusive. Normal lessons restart on Wednesday 10th June. Pupils who have finished all their AS examinations before half term are free, if they wish, to extend their half term until lessons restart. Boarders should make arrangements with their house parents, day pupils with their form tutors.

Upper Sixth - There is no formal examination leave before half term. Pupils who think they would benefit from early leave should write to the Headmaster, who will consider each request on an individual basis. After half term all the Upper Sixth are on examination leave until the term ends.

Experience has shown that these arrangements provide ample time for preparation and revision. Our aim is to keep pupils in class, preparing with their teachers, for as long as is practicable and we would ask that you support the school fully in this aim. It is important to stress that even when examination leave is in place teachers are available to help pupils should they need it.

Registration during examination leave

Pupils coming on and off site are expected to sign in and out at the main school reception.Once day pupils are on examination leave we make the assumption that they are off site unless they are in an examination, though we are quite happy to accommodate pupils who wish to stay on campus to revise.

There will be some pupils who, in consultation with their parents, are kept under close supervision in school for the whole period of examination leave. A room will be set aside, supervised throughout the day by a member of staff, for pupils to use if they wish to stay in school. For obvious reasons, we need to know who is on site (and therefore under our care) at all times.

What happens for candidates with examinations before examination leave starts?

If any public examinations fall outside of study leave, then pupils will be excused: for the examination; for a half hour break after the examination; and from lessons in the morning before an afternoon examination. There is an expectation that teachers whose lessons pupils will be missing this way are informed beforehand.

The end of term

All pupils, except those who have opted to fly home early, are expected to be present in school for Speech Day on Saturday 4th July.

The examination timetable

If you would like to check when the exams fall and begin preparing the summer with your son or daughter I have uploaded all the key GCSE, AS and A2 exam dates into a public calendar, which you will find by clicking here. All candidates are also issued with their own, personalised list of examination dates and times.

Rules for boarders during examination leave

The general principle: exam leave is for revision and exam preparation. Anything that undermines this principle is likely to lead to censure.

The specifics:

Boarders are free to go to breakfast and supper in home clothes.

Boarders must be in uniform when going to lunch/going to an exam/going into school on school business.

Boarders must be in the houses working during the morning (not lying around in bed, gaming etc.)

Breaks etc. are permissible along the lines of the breaks that would be happening anyway during the course of a normal school day.

Boarders are free to choose either to take the afternoon off (1430-1630) and work in the evening or work in the afternoon and relax in the evening.

Those taking time off should not disturb those who are working.

It is permissible to go into town during time off but only having signed out in the normal way. Boarders are encouraged to exercise/get some fresh air during their time off to revive themselves.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss any element of the above procedure at: