London Dinner 2018

It was a fantastic evening for all OOs and their spouses at the London Dinner 2018 held at the Savile Club in Mayfair last Friday evening.  Everyone was in fine fettle as they enjoyed the exquisite food and good wine that was on offer throughout the evening.

Chairman of the OO Society, Tim Goff, donated a £200 bottle of rum which was awarded to Charles Chantry for having travelled the farthest (all the way from the USA!).

Many thanks to Chris Wylie (1954-59), Charles Chantry (1973-78), Tim Goff (1981-91), Alasdair Wilson (1967-74), Ian Wilson (1969-75), Michael Longshaw (1971-74), Uzodhu Michael (2009-11), Ian Campbell (1968-73), Simon Fearnett (1955-60) and Abraham Mohammed (2010-12).

We're already looking forward to the next one...

Take a look at the photographs here...