Over 100 OOs attend the 50th Anniversary Bash

What a fine weekend was had welcoming over 100 Old Oswestrians back to school to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their leaving.

The celebrations started at 3.30pm with tea and sticky buns in the Chapel followed by tours of the school.  Prefects did their best to escort throngs of chatty and excited OOs and their partners around the site (although it was more like trying to herd cats if truth be told).  The OOs were pleased to see all the changes since their time here in 1967 and were glad to see the groundworks for the new sports hall.

The evening dinner was hosted in the Peter Humphreys Centre and began with recreating sports team photographs (athletics, running, cricket etc).  Thanks to many donated photographs the walls of the PHC were decorated with pictures of the Boys and some Masters from when they were in school. 

Huge thanks go to John Batchlor and Stephen Hodge who reached out to so many OOs and convinced them to come along.  Everyone had such a lovely time, some meeting up with old friends who they hadn't seen since they had left school.  From an event of immense positivity the only sad comment was that they all wished they had longer to spend with each other.