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Annual Old Oswestrian London Dinner

This year the Society Dinner took place at the Savile Club, London and was graced by Old Oswestrians of all ages and professions. Welcome drinks were served in the sumptuously decorated Drawing Room giving everyone time to catch up or make new acquaintances before all were called to table for a delicious dinner served with copious amounts of wine.

Drawing Room at the Savile Club

President of the Society, Chris Wylie, said Grace and as dinner proceeded offered a toast to the Society. The Headmaster, Julian Noad, responded to the toast with an interesting update on current school affairs and a positive slant on the forthcoming academic year. The long awaited sports hall was talked of and the diners were pleased to hear that this facility would be going ahead in the not too distant future. Mention was also made of the increasing pupils numbers expected in September.

IMG 5838

IMG 5839

Chris Wylie then brought attention to the renewing of the plaque on the Memorial Hall which has corroded over the years. His suggestion of replacing it with an engraved stainless steel version was met with much approval and an envelope was passed around the table for diners to contribute towards this cost.

The President also offered a bottle to the youngest diner of the evening, current student Matthew Masters (2005-14).

Matthew Masters and Chris Wylie

The evening drew to a close in the early hours of Saturday morning with attendees dispersing into the darkness all glad to have attended such a pleasant event.

Jack Bateman Stuart Williams Julian Noad Chris Wylie Euan Edwards Matthew Masters