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A 1970s childhood revisited – from boarding to glam rock to Happy Days!

This weekend we welcomed a group of OOs who returned to look around the school; Mike Pritchard (1968-74, Spooner), Phil Horton (1971-75, Spooner), David Jones (1972-75, Spooner), Alan Collenette (1971-77, Holbache), Penny Ratcliffe née Barraclough (1972-79, Holbache) and Sarah Mellett née Patterson (1973-77, Holbache). Everyone was very pleased to see Alan Stratford too as he had been invited to join the group as a much loved teacher of the time.

All had been boarders during their time at school with the boys living at School House and old Holbache on Welsh Walls whilst the girls were housed in Guinevere. Much time was spent in School House corridor browsing through the whole school photographs pointing out familiar faces of peers and staff.

The group then moved to what was classrooms in their day, but is now The Old Library. Luckily exam tables and chairs had been left out and everyone really enjoyed positioning themselves where they used to sit. A quick shout of “Attention class!!” took everyone back to their glory days.

From the Old Library we moved to the chapel and then on to the Memorial Hall (school gym) before heading off to see the Tuck Shop.

The old boys were really impressed with the new Holbache and its common room; there was no table football to keep them occupied when they were young! The old girls were also transported back in time when they found out their old common room in Guinevere was still the common room now.

The afternoon concluded with a stroll on Potters Lawn and a visit to see Mr Tilley at his final resting place.