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OO commissioned to produce a bronze bust of a French king

Artist and OO, Tim Turner (1973-1984), has been commissioned by the Auspice Stella association, together with the mayor of Tourtoirac, to produce a bronze bust of King Orélie-Antoine I.


Orélie-Antoine de Tounes was a French lawyer and adventurer who assumed the title of King of Araucanía and Patagonia. Having moved to Araucanía in 1860, and based on his experience as a lawyer, de Tounens claimed that the area did not belong to recently independent Chile or Argentina, so he created an independent state south of the Biobío River. On November 17, 1860 he signed a declaration of Araucanían independence and at an assembly of the chieftains of the various tribes de Tounens was voted a constitutional monarch by the tribal leaders.

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The bust marks the bicentenary of the Kings birth and will be unveiled by Tourtoirac’s Lord Mayor. Prince Antoine IV, all the mayors around Chourgniac D’ans and Tourtoirac, the Périgueux Bishop and Auspice Stella Mapuches' representatives will be present at the unveiling.


Local business, Castle Fine Arts Foundry in Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant, have cast the bust in bronze.