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New Projection and Sound System for the Chapel

In the week before Founder's day, Cornerstone Systems from Stone, Staffordshire spent two days installing a projection system and sound system in the chapel.

Cornerstone Systems have considerable experience in installation of Sound and Projections Systems into Churches and even Cathedrals and are thus sensitive to ensuring that the modern technology does not impede on the ambiance and atmosphere of what is to many a most revered space. Their solution for our chapel building - a motorised screen that descends from above the chancel arch was in the view of the chaplain "wonderfully inconspicuous".

The motorised roll up screen measures 2.2m in width and has been hung from custom made brackets. It is controlled by remote and descends on cables to the top of the wooden panelling in the chancel. The projector is an X600 OptomaDLP, 6000 lumens projector with a long range lens which has, using custom made brackets, been fixed to the front of the balcony. A VGA cable runs inconspicuously from the projector to the pulpit where a small table has been erected to house both the sound system and a laptop.

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In addition to the motorised screen and projector, Cornerstone Systems also upgraded the chapel's sound system. 4 Monitor 55 speakers have been installed in the window arches and these are served by a Yamaha stereo 300 plus 300 watt 8 channel mixer amplifier. We also now have have a lapel microphone and handheld microphone which have been incredibly beneficial to those more softly spoken readers and speakers.

Bringing modern touches to old, revered spaces has been and always will be fraught with issues. Some will despise what has been done, others will rejoice. In the short amount of time that the screen, projector and sound system have been in place the overall verdict has been positive. The chaplain and visiting chapel speakers have already made good use of the systems to help illustrate points in their talks and addresses while at the same time being able to maintain the general internal appearance during services where projection is not required.

The overall cost of the installation came in at £8,700 including VAT and considerable thanks must go to the generosity of the Old Oswestrians who provided £5000 towards these costs. The chaplain, staff and pupils both present and to come are and will be most grateful.

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