New Golf Day Cups

Many thanks to the Class of 1969 who have kindly donated two new cups for the Oswestry School Golf Day, taking place on Friday 26th June at Mile End Golf Course.

Mr Alan Stratford will be presenting the trophies during the prizegiving at the end of the day.  If you'd like to join the tournament (pupils, parents, staff, OOs and friends of the school are all welcome), please see the details on the poster.

The Glyndwr Goblet will be presented to the best performing pupil and relative.  Owain Glyndwr was the war treasurer for the king Henry IV, who supported David Holbache in the founding of our school.

The King Penda Trophy will be for the leading pupil.  King Penda was the pagan king who killed Oswald at the Battle of Maserfield; from this point he was probably the most powerful of the Anglo-Saxon rulers of the time.