In Memoriam - Ray Card

raycardOswestry School and the Old Oswestrian Society are saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Ray Card on Wednesday 18th March. Ray was the school Bursar for 11 faithful years, from 1989 until his retirement in 2000.

Ray served the school with the highest commitment and loyalty throughout his tenure. He was known for his unfailing good humour and a military eye for detail that helped him overcome many obstacles with confidence and assertiveness.

Before joining Oswestry School, Ray had spent time in the Navy and Royal Air Force training followed by a managerial post with Marks and Spencer. Such diverse experiences clearly helped to equip Ray with the essential skills to keep 500 pupils and 100 staff resourced and happy.

Ray thought highly of the school and its staff and pupils, he said that it was due to them that the school is what it is - words that 15 years later can still be echoed.

We at the school and OO Society, give our heartfelt condolences to Ray's wife Terri,  their daughter Pippa and son Jonathan.

This photo is of Ray with Beryl Tomley on the day of his retirement.