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Inspection Reports

ISI Inspection Report 2016

Online copy of the 2016 ISI Inspection of Oswestry School


GCSE Options Booklet

Online booklet to view the GCSE Options


Guinevere Boarding House Handbook

Online handbook for the Guinevere Boarding House

Holbache Boarding House Handbook

Online handbook for the Holbache Boarding House

School House Boarding House Handbook

Online handbook for the School House Boarding House

Adventure Education

Gold/Silver D of E Assessment Main Events List 2016/17

Bronze D of E Info 2016/17

Policy Documents

Admissions Policy

Policy and arrangements for admissions

Alumni Privacy Policy

The privacy policy we adhere to with regards to personal data of alumni on this website.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Particulars of the arrangements for having regard to DCSF Guidance Safe to Learn: Embedding anti-bullying work in schools

Behaviour Policy

Policy and arrangements for misbehaviour

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Arrangements for safeguarding and, if applicable and not included in 7(a) and (b), boarders’ safeguarding policy

Complaints Policy

Complaints procedure

Curriculum Policy

Curriculum policy (but not the detailed supporting plans and schemes)

Data Protection Policy

The data protection policy

EAL Policy

Particulars of the educational and welfare provision for pupils with statements and pupils for whom English is an additional language

Fire Policy

Fire risk assessment; fire procedures

Health and Safety Policy

Particulars of the arrangements for ensuring that regard is had to DCSF Guidance Health and Safety: Responsibilities and Powers

Medical Policy

Written policy on medical issues

SEND Policy

Particulars for the provision of education for pupils with special educational needs

Supervision of Pupils Policy

Supervision of pupils (for example, guidance in a staff handbook)

Trips, Expeditions and Fieldtrips Policy

Particulars of the arrangements for ensuring that regard is had to DfES Guidance Health and Safety of Pupils on Educational Visits (HASPEV)

Additional Policies

A list of school policies as required under the ISI inspection regime


EYFS Arrangements for supervision

Arrangements for the supervision of EYFS pupils throughout the school day

EYFS off-site risk assessment

Sample EYFS risk assessment for visits or activities outside school

EYFS on-site risk assessment

Sample EYFS on-site risk assessment

EYFS Medicine Policy

EYFS policy on the administration of medicine

EYFS Staffing ratios

Evidence to show how the EYFS provision meets the staff qualification and ratio requirements

Friends of Oswestry School minutes

8th January 2015


National Guidelines on Working Safely with Children

Arrangements for safeguarding pupils and promoting their welfare

School Rules

Online copy of the School Rules