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Boarding Staff

Boarding at Oswestry School is divided into three houses: School House, Holbache and Guinevere.

The key members of boarding staff can be found below.

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Miss Charlotte Rule

Elizabeth McGuire website

Mrs Elizabeth McGuire

PAC 4565

Miss Sophie Suckley
Assistant Housemistress

 PAC 4563

Miss Ella Harrison
Assistant Housemistress

Mrs Sue Davies

Sam T

Mrs Sam Tulloch

PAC 4340

Mr Cameron Kirkpatrick
Assistant Housemaster

PAC 4588

Mr William Taylor

Sarah Roberts

Mrs Sarah Roberts

PAC 4711

Mr Joshua Tsang
Assistant Housemaster

There are other members of staff in the boarding houses whom you will get to meet over your first few weeks at school; each and every one of them is here to support you and help you settle into life within the boarding community. All boarding staff will be very happy to discuss any issues, queries or problems which may arise and will do whatever they can to resolve them or re-direct you to someone who can help. In addition within the school you have a Head of House and a Form Tutor. You may discuss with them any issues or concerns that affect you, including boarding issues.

They will be there to help. You may also take your concern to Ms Sue Nancini, Deputy Head Pastoral or Mr Julian Noad, the Headmaster. On your first day at Oswestry School you will be introduced to your House Prefects and will be assigned a ‘tribe’ or family who are assigned to help you settle in. The School also has a School Council and Boarders’ Council; please feel free to approach your student representatives with any questions, worries or concerns and also suggestions for improving the boarding experience at school, or better still become a council representative.