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The School Day

Our day begins with registration, followed by assembly.

The general theme of assemblies is moralistic, encouraging the children to learn how to live and work together, how to treat each other and how to distinguish between right and wrong.

Lunch time

Before morning break the children enjoy a healthy mid-morning snack of fruit and a drink of milk or water before a 20-minute playtime. A wide range of hot food, salads and fruit is available at lunchtime; our children have healthy meals, prepared by specialist caterers. Children with special diets are catered for e.g. individually prepared meals for acute allergy sufferers.

Children have a choice of main meals and puddings, but are encouraged to choose a varied diet, with fresh fruit and vegetables served daily. The Key Stage 1 pupils also have a mid-afternoon break before listening to a story before home time. The cost of lunch and snacks is included in the school fees.

Swimming pool

All pupils swim in the school pool each week and children enjoy games on the Maes-y-llan, Oswestry School’s large playing fields, once a week.

After-school clubs are available to all pupils and start after lessons at the end of the day. The sports clubs take place on the Senior School site. There is a huge variety of clubs available including an excellent range of performing arts activities.

There is also a waiting room at Bellan House, where children may complete their homework.