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Bellan House

About the Prep School

You learn a lot about teaching in over 600 years

At Bellan House we believe that the development of the children in our care is the single most important thing in their world.

We treasure the privilege of educating and inspiring the children in our care. We nurture individual abilities and encourage young minds to be open and eager to discover as much as they can about the world.

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Bellan House combines a warm and caring family environment with a convenient central location. Staff and parents work closely together to ensure the children are happy so they can enjoy success in all areas of their lives.

With its long co-educational tradition, Bellan House offers specialist teaching in all areas, ensuring very high standards. Our close links with the Senior School extend the amenities available to the children and enable them to make a seamless transition when the time comes for them to move on.

Oswestry School Uniform

High standards of work and behaviour are expected from the children. Children wear the school uniform, which is simple and practical, and discipline is consistent and gentle, yet firm. We believe strongly in positive reinforcement and children are rewarded for good work, behaviour and manners. Staff at Bellan House believe that children should learn ‘not for school but for life’, the Oswestry School motto. They seek to help children in their social, moral, spiritual and cultural development as well as in their academic attainment.

Gold Leaf Assembly

Every Friday we have a ‘Gold Leaf’ assembly, where we celebrate the varied successes and achievements of the children. Through these we commend academic success and progress, as well as small things such as good manners, kindness or even something as simple as eating all their crusts at teatime! Children are presented with a Gold Leaf, a piece of leaf-shaped gold paper with their achievement written on it, for them to keep. Another is placed on the school’s Gold Leaf Tree for all to see. The children are incredibly proud of their achievements. The weekly housepoint totals are announced in these assemblies and the house ribbon is changed on the House Cup, depending on the week’s winner.

The school is divided into two houses, Swallows and Amazons, and children are encouraged to gain housepoints, which are added up and announced once a week in assembly. Housepoints can be awarded for a wide range of things, including excellent work, good effort, good manners and helpfulness.

Children in years 4 to 6 have the opportunity to become form captains and games captains. Being a form captain is a huge compliment and children take on many additional duties and responsibilities.

Bellan has strong links with local and national charities and there are regular focus days and fundraising events. Our pupils also take part in local community activities such as carol singing in Festival Square and the Heritage Centre.